Most people will have heard of Pinterest. For those interested in interior design, all things shabby chic and vintage, upcycling and styling Pinterest can be a fabulous resource.

How you use Pinterest will depend on your interest and what you are trying to achieve. For those who enjoy browsing and who wish to put together collections of images which show off  pieces of furniture that they like, art work and individual shabby chic items, this is the platform to be using.

For those who are also looking for inspiration for their own home, who are looking for specific style ideas and perhaps how-to guides and craft projects that make the most of vintage items and shabby chic home accessories, a Pinterest account is a must.

Many users who have styled their home or come across items that they like upload their own photographs or links and this in turn is viewed by their followers, much the same way that content is shared on any social media site.

If you fancy giving Pinterest a try here is how to get started:

  1. Sign up
    Signing up is easy. Visit Pinterest and create an account with your Facebook account, Twitter account or with your email address.
  2. Create a Board
    A board is the place that you store collections of pictures. You are able to have as many boards as you like. Start with one or two and name them according to what you will store in there such as “Items I Love” or “Shabby Chic Home Inspiration”.
  3. Search and Pin
    Use the search function to search for things that you are interested in such as “Vintage kitchen” or “Shabby Chic pottery” etc. You may then Pin any you like (move them) into your boards.
  4. Follow Others
    You may search for other people you know on Pinterest or choose to follow other users based on their boards. The more people you follow, the more the more relevant content comes up on your home page. Following people who enjoy the same things as you usually means that every time you refresh there are new pins for you to browse and re-pin before you even start searching.
  5. Install a Pin It Button
    Once you’ve got the hang of searching, following and pinning on the site you are able to take one step further and pin items from external sites to add to your collection, such as adding a beautiful item from Bronte Rose for example. This is easy to do once you have added the Pin It button your bookmark. More information on how to do this is found on the site under “About”.
  6. Enjoy!
    Once you get the hang on it Pinterest it will can become great fun as well as a useful tool, run with it and enjoy exploring.

This has been something of a whistle-stop tour to Pinterest however hopefully it had caught your interest. Do have a look if you haven’t already and if you have a favourite board you want to share with other readers, please share the link below.