Obviously we’d hope that your first port of call for shabby chic and vintage styled items is Bronte Rose. That said, while we have a rather extensive range of home items and gifts the historical aspect of these types of items means that there are some fabulous finds out there waiting to be discovered.

Find these items needn’t be too difficult if you have an open mind and don’t mind rummaging through items to find true treasure. This guide will help you find your own vintage and shabby chic items.


We know, Facebook seems to be everywhere nowadays with no escape - however you may use the popular social media platform for finding fabulous and often bargain items. There are some fabulous pages, often locally based which are a great resource for finding these items. Generally named Buy / Sell, Sell or Swap or similar in your local area, users upload pictures of items they want to get rid of and invite local Facebookers to buy and pick up. This Singer sewing machine in fantastic condition was bought by one of our readers on her local site for an unbelievable £5!

Car Boot Sales

If you are willing to rise with the birds and often get your wellies on there are a great number of car boot sales up and down the country which are packed with hidden treasures. Search china boxes underneath tables and scour table-tops for shabby chic and vintage items. Many people find gorgeous items at car boot sales for their home, often in great condition and at bargain prices. Assuming you have a mobile phone reception in whichever field your car boot sale is in, a quick internet search on the manufacturer name on any vintage piece will give you an idea of how old an item is.

Charity Shops

The saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” has never been more true! It is amazing what people throw out or give to charity and scouring the charity shops is a great way to pick up a bargain shabby chic or vintage item with the added bonus of putting money into a worthy charity at the same time.


Ebay is again another fantastic resource for finding preloved items. Dedicated search terms and filters helps you find what you are looking for within your budget. Do be aware of the cost of postage however, especially for larger items. It is possible to alter your search to include only local items so that if you win an auction you could (with the seller’s permission) pick the item up rather than paying for a courier or Royal Mail delivery service.

Vintage Fairs

These are heavenly to browse but buyer beware, you may spend a small fortune at these events. Found up and down the country, vintage fairs, craft fairs and similar are crammed with often professional sellers who know what they are selling and will price accordingly. These fairs are not usually the best place to find a bargain although if you are looking for a specific piece for a collection or similar they are a treasure trove. It is very easy to get carried away so bring only what you can afford to spend!