Through selling shabby chic homewares and vintage items we’ve quickly come to know others who also have a deep love for this type of décor. Anyone with an interest in upcycling, shabby chic redecoration, sourcing vintage items and interior design has access to a wealth of fabulous information via the many blogs that are out there, and not just through Pinterest as we’ve mentioned in previous posts.

The blogosphere is the vast virtual world of bloggers and is where you will be able to find blogs on pretty much any topic. We regularly read (and love!) interiors blogs so today thought we would share some of our current favourites which could also be called the Perfect Procrastination collection. Once you start browsing and reading these you completely forget what you are supposed to be doing!

Love Chic Living

We love this blog! Packed with design ideas, how to guides, products and guest posts when it comes to styling your home this is a fabulous resource. While the whole blog is not strictly shabby chic or vintage which is our own main focus it contains a great number of posts with inspiration for everyone.

Thistlewood Farm

Another keen favourite, Thistlewood Farm is an entertaining, fun and creative blog with photography that makes you want to dive into the site. This is not a UK blog however you can’t deny the skill of the blogger when it comes to styling and putting together how-to posts and more. A truly gorgeous site.

Nina’s Apartment

Based in Northern Scotland this is the blog of a bargain hunting, upcycling lady whose posts are entertaining and whose skill at renovating furniture and more is awe-inspiring. Taking everyday charity shop finds and old furniture the owner of the site completely changes how they look. We love seeing what her latest projects are and how they develop.

I Heart Organizing

Another US blog, this one is a hugely popular site which focuses on organising the home in a beautiful way. Again, not everything is vintage or shabby chic yet the woman responsible for this hugely popular site seems able to upcycle anything and create beautiful storage solutions and décor with a very small budget. Thrifty redecorating is very popular and as you’ll see from the site you may still create beautiful spaces without spending a fortune which is of course something we are very keen on here at Bronte Rose.