You might not have realised it, but Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! At Bronte Rose, we love everything about Valentine’s Day; the emotion, the intent, hearts, red roses and all the rest. To give you a helping hand with finding the right vintage valentines gift for your loved one, or intended love, we've put together a list of some unique and often overlooked, but no-less-special gifts available from our quaint online store.

1. Natural Wood White Provence Rose Detail Photo Frame

Sometimes it’s the memories that count; the thoughts and emotions that are triggered by looking through old photos and remembering what seem like distant memories. This Rose detailed photo frame in a classic French ‘Provence’ style is the perfect way to show your valentine just how you feel about her or him. You’ll have to supply the photo yourself, however.


2. Cream 'Chintz' Heart Cushion

Imagine relaxing on the sofa, on a cold spring evening, with your loved one on one side and a cup of hot cocoa on the other, watching classic romantic movies like Casablanca, Sense and Sensibility, or Ghost. Ok, maybe not Ghost. Now imagine that scene without these wonderful Chintz cushions. Impossible, I know. These beautiful scatter cushions are the perfect accompaniment to a shabby chic living room sofa, and what better excuse to buy them than as a Valentine’s Day gift.


3. 'I Love You' Hanging Posies Butterfly

Meant as more of an accompaniment to a gift than a stand –alone surprise present, these hanging butterflies are chic couture to the extreme. Hang them around the home to serve as constant reminders of your love for each other. While these words are better said from the lips, sometimes it helps to be reminded with a gift.


4. Nautical Distressed Pastel Boat Photograph Frame

Ok, so the previous three gift ideas are possibly targeted to more feminine tastes, so here is a gift for the man in your life. A vintage Valentine’s Day present for a sea-fairing friend; this nautical themed photo frame adds a smudge of coastal charm to any room (though we think the bathroom is probably the ideal location). Again, photo not supplied.


5. Green Gingham Rose Jewellery Box

Chosen to supplement a vintage Valentine’s gift of jewellery, this stunning shabby chic jewellery box would suit a classically themed dresser as much as it would a 1940’s necklace. How can you buy your soulmate jewellery without something to store it in?!


As far as gifts go, this is just the beginning. Have a look through our complete range of shabby chic gifts for her and him for more vintage style Valentine’s gift ideas.