Christmas Paper Chains from Bronte Rose

When you think of what makes Christmas special, other than of course sharing great times with family and friends, it has to be the little details, like traditional paper chains, mince pies and fairy lights, that really capture the Christmas magic. The world famous stuffing balls that no-one but Grandma can make properly, the tree standing proudly in its customary spot and the beautiful decorations are what pull everything together and create a truly festive time. Read More...

How you decorate your home for this special occasion is of course extremely important and Christmas paper chains are an absolute must in so many houses as they really do finish off the festive décor in a way that nothing else may.

Memories, forgotten scents and more

Decorating a home for Christmas is often a special occasion in itself, packed with memories, forgotten scents and more. The delight when you open the decoration box and find favourite ornaments is simply unrivalled by anything else and childhood handmade Christmas crafts and family pieces add the icing on the (Christmas) cake.

The beauty of adding vintage style paper chains to your decorated tree, walls and ceilings is that they tie in with any theme, remind you of Christmas days gone past and are fabulous fun to connect together and hang up or arrange as a family. Children especially enjoy having the extremely important job of putting together Bronte Rose’s vintage paper chains for hanging.

Your favourite time of year

As always Bronte Rose is keen to embrace the Christmas spirit and incorporate popular traditional styles and so has put together a truly delightful range of decorative items for your favourite time of year. Paper chains from East of India including beautifully coloured paisley designs and more are available for everyone to add to their Christmas collection. It has never been easier to add the finishing touches to a wonderfully decorated house than it is now with this affordable range of traditionally inspired vintage Christmas paper chains.